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Re: elec gtr setup - to simplify

I really am a fan of the Vox, though I do not like the reverb and  
chorus on it.  For that I use the half rack BOSS VF-1.  Does a lot of  
very cool effects, is cheap and half rack.  You can get two if you  
want in one rack space for about $400!  Put one in your Vox's effects  
loop and one after.

Lately these days I've been using an all laptop setup and I'm really,  
really happy with Amplitube.  Amplitube and Reaktor... make for a  
very powerful set up.  If I were to pry myself out of my studio these  
days I'd bring a guitar, midi keyboard, two FCB1010s audio interface  
and my laptop.  The entire rig would fit in my $40 dufflebag thing  
with wheels and might even fit in the carry on compartment.

I was a big skeptic after trying Guitar Rig and hating it, but after  
hearing what Amplitube SVX did for my bass I tried the demo on guitar  
and I was sold.