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elec gtr setup - to simplify

I have finished recording a new album with jacob young in oslo last week. for this session, i have carried 2 whole bags of pedals and rack units. i would like to simplify a portion of this setup. looking fwd to your ideas.
the signal goes like this :
les paul - volume pedal - carl martin comp - procorat - mxr phaser - mxr chorus - zvex ringtone - zvex fuzz factory - mxr flanger - ehx micropog - mooger fooger ring modulator - ehx hog - mooger fooger murf - marshall jmp1 - mixer channel 1
aux 1 : eclipse
aux 2 : tc fireworx
aux 3 : lexicon mpx100
aux 4 : eventide time factor ( optional )
i have been looking at boss gt10, vox tonelab for getting decent amp tones with very good speaker simulation. then maybe i can get rid of marshall and some of the mxr pedals. but i just can not get the same tone of these analog pedals out from these multifx floor units or from my laptop ( audiomulch, reaktor etc ) setup. what should i do? my sound is based on these units, especially the weird zvex, ehx, moog pedals and tc, lexicon, eventide. looking fwd to your ideas.
also the cables and adapters weigh sometimes more than the weight of the units! is there anything like very light cables and adapters? :)
thanks and best regards.
Erdem Helvacioglu
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