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Re: Tabletop loopers

Hi Rafael,

In answer to the 'ideal looper' question, mine would be an Electro 
Harmonix 2880
that allowed different loop lengths for each channel and had an fx send on 
channel as well. Apart from that the 2880 comes really close as my ideal 
looper (especially coupled with a mini-KP and/or a deluxe memory man). 
about the interface on this machine really clicks for me as a performance
instrument. Don't see much mention of it here...


On Tue Aug 19 16:55 , Mark Sottilaro  sent:

>No problem if you're not a software person.  Someone's done if for  
>you.  He's a very nice man, he gives it away for free.
>Or if you want a more "tape" style...
>But that'll set you back $29
>One day I dream of having a Lemur...  but then I remember both my  
>hands are usually busy with a guitar anyway.  If only humans were  
>monkeys instead of apes we'd have prehensile tails!
>On Aug 19, 2008, at 3:11 PM, Rafael Cohen wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> First post here :)
>> OK, so I have this dream of a tabletop looper that is actually  
>> designed to be used _on a tabletop_ and as a looper...think:  
>> JazzMutant Lemur crossed with Boss RC-50.  The Korg Kaoss pad comes  
>> close in some respects, but I don't even use 75% of it's features,  
>> and the loops all have to be synchronized, and sometimes I do  
>> ambient things where I don't want everything on a grid.  I had a  
>> Boss RC-50 for a while, which could do un-synched loops, but the  
>> interface wasn't right for me, too big, too many menus, etc...  I  
>> know, I know... "Get the Lemur and build it in MAX!" you say, but I  
>> am NOT a software person.  My current looping set-up is two Boss  
>> DD-20s into a Korg Kaoss pad, and with that I can get a lot of  
>> options covered, and even change loop lengths on the fly (albeit  
>> with some glitchy distortion), but if I could get a few more layers  
>> and few extra features (like changing loop start and end points on  
>> the fly, pausing and restarting individual loops in synched or un- 
>> synched ways) and all in one box (with a nice multi-touch-screen,  
>> prefereably), I would be all over it.  I imagine that in the next  
>> few years, multi-touch-screens are going to become more common in  
>> music gear.
>> Anyway, this is all just an enjoyable gear fantasy that is  
>> occupying my mind at work at the moment.  I feel like I know most  
>> of the gear options out there, but if anyone has any suggestions, I  
>> would love to hear them.  Alternatively, what is your ideal looper?
>> -Rafael