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Re: Tabletop Loopers

Hi all,
It turns out I am not interested in performing with software, although I heartily appreciate any and all suggestions at this point.  I wasn't totally clear in my initial email, but although I do indeed have some degree of familiarity with computer music, my passion is for hardware.
From what I know about myself, and I pretty much get paralyzed when I have too many options.  My best work has always come from the most limited structures.
Simon's suggestion of the EH 2880 gave me pause, though.  I am going to have a go at the manual, which I just printed out.  I dismissed it a long time ago because I had the RC-50 at that time and there is no BPM readout on the 2880, but as long as it can deal with being a MIDI-clock slave, that should be no problem.
I still have my fantasy, though of some sort of Kaoss Pad MMDCCCLXXX, designed for looping, with a poly-touch screen and a this and a that...
Mark Sottilaro was all:
> From his post it seemed he didn't want to tackle making a looper in Max MSP.
>  Anyone who even is aware of Max and the Lemur is already saying that
> they've got some computer music knowledge.
> Do you really think your Boss DR-660 isn't a computer?