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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus

hi Aaron

Overdub doesn't behave like that ever.

However, you can do that with Multiply.

1) Quantise=Off

   If your loop has just one Cycle in it (i.e. you didn't Mulitply it 
longer) then just hit Mult twice,
   and you get an overdub that ends exactly one loop after it started.
   If you've got more than one Cycle in the loop, then you can still do it 
by pressing Mult more times
    ( no. of presses = no. of Cycles+1  )

2) Quantise=Loop

   A shortpress of Mult will wait till loop start/end, overdub one loop 
then go back to Play

I use method 1) quite often.

andy butler 

Aaron Austin wrote:
> Is there a setting on the echoplex that when i push overdub it turns on 
> through the loop but then automatically shuts off when the loop ends?