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Re:Line 6 JM4, M13 was new looper

2 questions bro:
distortions how good?(fuzz,ods etc.)
can its switch board control call devices simultaneously in different 
channels like the fcb1010 via midi?


--- On Tue, 8/12/08, William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com> wrote:

> From: William Walker <billwalker@baymoon.com>
> Subject: Re:Line 6 JM4, M13  was new looper
> To: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
> Date: Tuesday, August 12, 2008, 3:45 PM
> Front what I can tell, the new JM-4 doesn't do reverse
> or half speed and I
> doubt it can sync to midi clock.  But hay how about those
> snazzy generic
> backing tracks????????????....Whatever....
>  But on the other hand , lurking inside the new Line 6 M-13
> , which is
> essentially every modeler they have created in one unit, is
> a new and
> improved DL-4, that boasts 28 seconds of loop time at
> normal track speed
> (double that length for half speed), separate switches for
> half speed and
> reverse, and an undo function, and another feature with
> perhaps the most
> creative potential, a switch that allows you to toggle the
> looper between
> post and pre placement.Way Cool. I tried this with a filter
> model and a
> little delay to create a polyrhythm and it was really nice
> to be able to
> switch back and forth between having the loop processed and
> not. Still no
> midi sync as far as I can tell, though  the tap tempo
> feature can  sync up
> both delay and modulation effects. You have to hold a
> dedicated switch to
> enter loop mode but the switches for the looper are wisely
> placed on the two
> rows closest to the performer. The down side if there is
> one is having to
> pony up for all the extra modelers, but I think it retails
> for around $500
> so for what it has to offer, an array of distortion, fuzz
> and overdrives,
> all of there great delays, modulation and filter models,
> reverbs, and
> upgraded looper, all running simultaneously, with more
> programmability, two
> expression pedal ports, etc., its pretty intriguing. It has
> newly designed
> switches, though whether they are more or less robust
> remains to be seen.
> They have a slightly less audible click from what I could
> tell.
>  I have always been a fan of the DL-4, I understand a
> number of you have had
> issues with the switches, and it has been my experience
> that the main
> culprit in there failure for me has been when I have
> allowed the nuts
> attaching the switches to get loose. If they get loose
> enough it allows the
> switch to lean slightly and can cause the plunger to miss
> align on the
> contact switch, which, if done with enough force can even
> cause the little
> plastic cylinder in the spring, or even the spring itself
> to come off.  So I
> make sure to, hmhhm, keep my nuts tight..If there is a
> bright side to this
> some what cheap design, the switches themselves are
> available from the
> company, unlike from some companies (behringer, are you
> listening?...no I
> didn't think so) , and though replacement  requires
> removing the main board
> to get to, are easy to replace and fairly cheap.
>  bill