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Re: Echoplex Digital Pro Plus + Behringer pedal...zee final word... I sink not Mr Bond..

I'll just third my own vote for the Behringer. There has been ALOT of discussion about it (and other progamable pedals) on this list. Everyone complains about the Behringer, (it IS too big... its IS a little clunky to program - but actually pretty easy when you "geddit" - the hard bit is always trawling through manuals finding the right numbers... OH... for Looperlative learn functionality(Im trying to justify the price of an L here... if I saved all that time spent programming a footpedal, and I cost 1000 kroners an hour, then how much money would i save buying a Looperlative... is how my argument is running at the moment... quite convincing, but I still don't have the cash!!!)) Anyway... serious digression... The other major gripe being the midi channel thing.. if only you could set a midi channel for every switch.

However... Did you see the price??? Did you see the price of all other foot-controllers... are you a millionaire? Do you like spending money on things that dont ACTUALLY make a noise? Did you see the price? You are aware that they are only switches arent you? Did you see the price? Why would you spend more when you can spend THIS amount? Is it the BEHRINGER  thing (hate the company for ripping off Mackie or some such malarky) well remember this... They also make the FCB1010 Foot controller,  a wonderful and did I mention cheap, innovative, high quality product! Sturdier than a "Black box Flight Recorder".. Eight out of Ten Loopers, when asked to state a preference, said that they used the BEHRINGER FCB1010, not only does it taste better, but it washes whiter too!


PS. When can I expect the cheque Uli ???

On Fri, Aug 1, 2008 at 8:18 AM, andy butler <akbutler@tiscali.co.uk> wrote:
Be careful,
to work the EDP you need a a footcontroller with switches that either

a) send Midi-On/Off
b) send CC with the ability to send a second CC on release of the switch

Mark's suggestion of the FCB1010 is what most use, it's cheap, but
sturdily built (and the manual's ok if you have plenty of patience ;-)

There's also a Roland device that some people use (....anybody here???)

Don't try the Yamaha MFC ....too much delay in sending commands.

andy butler

mark francombe wrote:
The ubiquitous Behringer FCB1010 to name but one... Its cheap, but maybe if it had an understandable manual it would cost alot more! Buy one and join a forum! It cant do much without anguish, but it controls the edp just fine.. thank you very much!


On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 11:26 PM, Aaron Austin <aaronaustin88@gmail.com <mailto:aaronaustin88@gmail.com>> wrote:

   Are there alternate foot controllers for the edp because the one it
   comes with constantly gets dirt and dust and NEVER WORKS PROPERLY IT
   SUCKS !!!!

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