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Re: OT: Tour wrap-up

> That's interesting, since most of the flamewars that break out over 
> getting
> paid start with one side going ballistic about anyone playing for free, 
> i.e.
> tips.

Interesting, yes.  It does make me wonder if the willingness to feed a tip 
jar rather than pay a cover isn't a sad commentary on society.  Does that 
mean that we are more willing to give money to a beggar than to pay 
to do their job?  I don't have a good answer, but I think it will be 
interesting to see the directions that the world takes with regards to 
musicians in years to come.

It also worries me that music is tied to video games.  Anybody else notice 
that Guitar Hero and Rock Band songs are in heavy rotation these days on 

Anyway, Daryl, I'm glad to here that overall your tour was a positive one.

Bob Amstadt