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RE: is there a Bidule-type program that can run on Ubuntu linux?

I'm not aware of anything like Bidule that runs natively on Linux.
Audiomulch which resembles Bidule in some ways is known to work under
Wine (Windows emulator) but I don't know about Bidule.  Audio
applications typically do not work very well under emulators or
virtualization systems because they need very low level access to the
audio hardware.

As for native Linux applications, Ardour is a full featured DAW that
can presumably host plugins but it doesn't follow the Bidule "connect
the wires" user interface, like most DAWs it is designed more for
recording and editing than real-time performance.

Many VSTs are host specific.  A few aren't but most of the larger
complex ones are.

Though there are those that will passionately disagree, I can't
recommend Linux as a platform for most musicians.  You'll have
a much easier time with OSX or Windows.