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Re: RC-50: NEW feature!! A/B switching (like boomerang)

At 11:11 PM +0200 6/12/08, Buzap Buzap wrote:
>this is really true: I discovered another "feature" hidden in the RC-50! 
>It was that evening when Rick Walker showed me his Looperlative and 
>some tricks of the trade while touring here in Europe (thanks very 
>much! :-) It wasn't exactly a Looperlative trick, but it kind of 
>inspired me.

FWIW, if I'm reading your technique correctly, it is an LP-1 
technique (or at least it is now).  Steve Lawson figured out how to 
do this on the Looperlative a few weeks ago.  That's merely a detail, 
though; it is a great function.

>So, I sat down and figured out a way to use A/B switching similar to 
>the Boomerang on the RC-50.

In general, I think we all know I'm not the biggest booster of the 
RC-50 (still feel Roland depends far more on product marketing than 
product development).

HOWEVER, Buzap, even though I don't own an RC-50 myself, I'd like say 
that it would be a downright crime if you (and Sjaak too, for that 
matter) weren't getting a nice fat bonus check from Roland for your 
work here!  You've done a great job of finding workarounds and 
functionality in this product which its designers obviously never 
even conceptualized.

You deserve more credit for your efforts than you're ever likely to 
get, which is a bit of injustice.  But on behalf of the other 
gearheads here, I thought *somebody* should say thank you and keep up 
the good work!  :D

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