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Re: List Privacy (was: OT: Diabetes)

At 3:09 PM +0200 6/5/08, Buzap Buzap wrote:
>Just one thing:
>You guys are aware that every little thing you write here is 
>readable & searchable in Google, right?
>While I personally don't mind much about looping stuff, on personal 
>matters I'm a bit more careful about privacy on the Internet.

Yeah, this point deserves a big +1, IMNSHO.

I've complained about this on multiple occasions, and it's the only 
reason why I now hide behind a pseudonym rather than posting under my 
proper name.

And concerns like these are not necessarily unfounded.  In the past, 
I used to post using my real name here.  Then, I took part in an OT 
conversation which veered off toward a couple of mildly racy 
subjects.  Not long after, I was confronted with this by my ex-wife 
(who had Google-stalked that conversation).  She then used that same 
LD thread to question/threaten my visitation rights with my son.

I didn't realize at the time that it was possible to pull up LD posts 
via a simple Google search.  More fool me; I figured that one out the 
hard way.

And, granted, not everybody's got a crazy ex- tracking their 
movements, but it might be worth keeping in mind that this list is 
currently open to the whole darn world.

>But that's my opinion, as long as you're aware of what youre doing - 
>fine with me! :-)

As Buzap rightly pointed out, it's definitely at the poster's 
discretion.  But one ought to at least stay cognizant of the privacy 
concerns here.

"bye-bye empire; empire, bye-bye"