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Re: Upwards pitch shift (Was Re: qualities of reverb OT)

Thanks Scott, I may have to check out an rp150, the price certainly is  
right though it's kinda big. Wonder if it uses the same engine as the  
Whammy? I like everything on table top too, except for punch-in pedals  
and volume. If I could rigup a remote bypass it could almost fit the  

Why is it, actually, that there are plenty of analog octave-down  
effects, but octave-ups are always of the Octavia fuzz type? Even  
Zvex's Jonny Octave, which purports to be clean, is pretty damn  
distorted, judging from the clips on their site.

Daryl Shawn

> a cheap option is the digitech rp150 unit (which is the upgrade of  
> the old rp100-both of which i've had).
> the unit is cheap-100$, and has its +/- 's but for whammying i like  
> the rp150. what i like is that the digitech rp150 can be on my table  
> top (where i keep all my effects- i like them in hand range)--and it  
> allows passive volume pedal to be on floor to use as whammy or  
> volume pedal-(my rogue pedal is iffy at times on this, was great  
> when it was new)-or wah pedal (i actually like the wah sound, my old  
> dunlap pedal never sounded great, but many don't like the digital  
> wahs).
> but i think the rp150 units is very good for the whammy sounds  
> (think morello, et al who've used it), much cheaper than the  
> standard unit-the standard unit probably has some ups to it (metal  
> and all), but i think the rp unit is decent for what it does, and  
> hey, it does have 5 sec of delay on it, which i use a lot lately...
> s---