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Re: Memory Man with Hazari

I found it very easy to wipe a loop.
Hit the Bypass button and than the Tap/Record button.
Its a wipe.
The little led even goes out to show the loop is gone.

It's quite involved to wipe a loop and record a new one. 
...but for the low price, you could find out if you like looping. 
> you think it could work in a band situation,  
especially the instant reverse feature. 
>where a 
> guitar line could be looped and used under/behind the 
> rest of the band playing a song? 
if you really believe you need a rhythm guitar under your solo 
then the problem is not the looper. 
The problem is the the band has to play in time with your loop. 
> > (I'm also currently in love with the phaser on my 
> Ibanez UE-400 and the analog delay on my UA-405, and 
> am wondering how close the Hazarai could get to those 
> kinds of sounds, if anybody knows.) 
you can make big swooshy phase/flange sounds with the SMM if you know how. 
It can also do analog delay type sounds (using the filter to make the repeats get darker). 
Don't know how the Ibanez sounds tho'. 
andy butler 
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> Brad 
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