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Re: Upwards pitch shift (Was Re: qualities of reverb OT)

scott hansen wrote:

> i've never seen early 80's vid of henry kaiser, but i have his early 
> 90's eclectic electric and his dvd: a bunch of guitar solos...and his 
> pitch shifting is an eventide unit (h3000something). and i have a # of 
> cds of his, and he uses it quite a bit.

what you refer to is a Lexicon Pcm 42 which has a unique way to modulate 
the delay and a very thick, analog sound.
A kind or random modulation on the speed of the delayed signal.
The unique effect on the h3000 ( he used a 3500 extensively before 
passing to eclipse) is called... I don't remember but I think it can be 
described as a stutter.
This stutter is something eventide hasn't been able to put on their 
latest machines.