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Re: RC-50

Do you have to turn it off again and restart once rhythm guide is  
switched off? Or does it go back by itself?
On Feb 29, 2008, at 5:36 AM, Sjaak wrote:

> Stuart Masters wrote:
>> Ok, maybe I'm being really stupid here. Is it possible to avoid the  
>> loop playback glitch entirely if you select 'sound priority mode'?
> Yes. With the "sound priority" mode, you decide the start and end  
> points of the loop, not the RC-50. That's the different with the  
> 1.00 version. But keep in mind the RC-50 switches back to the old  
> behaviour if you set the rhythm guide on, so make sure it's OFF.
>>  I downloaded the update and because it had almost solved the  
>> problem, I assumed that was the fix - I didn't realise you had to  
>> perform a function first to get it to work.
> Yep. See the 1.01 OS release notes for all the details or check my  
> website on how the set the default startup mode of the RC-50
> Sjaak
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