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Re: RC-50

Stuart Masters wrote:
> Ok, maybe I'm being really stupid here. Is it possible to avoid the loop 
>playback glitch entirely if you select 'sound priority mode'?

Yes. With the "sound priority" mode, you decide the start and end points 
of the loop, not the RC-50. That's the different with the 1.00 version. 
But keep in mind the RC-50 switches back to the old behaviour if you set 
the rhythm guide on, so make sure it's OFF.

>   I downloaded the update and because it had almost solved the problem, 
>I assumed that was the fix - I didn't realise you had to perform a 
>function first to get it to work.

Yep. See the 1.01 OS release notes for all the details or check my website 
on how the set the default startup mode of the RC-50

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