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Re: RC-50

> Chris wrote:
> Do you have to turn it off again and restart once rhythm guide is
> switched off? Or does it go back by itself?
> On Feb 29, 2008, at 5:36 AM, Sjaak wrote:

Once you've changed the default setting to "Sound Priority" mode, the 
default setting is saved. If you turn on the rhythm guide, the RC-50 
switches to rhythm mode causing the glitch and if you turn the rhythm 
guide off again, it automaticly switches back to "Sound Priority" mode.

Summary OS 1.00
* Default mode = rhythm mode

Summary OS 1.01
* Default mode = rhythm mode
* Default mode must be changed to Sound priority mode with [LOOP SYNC] + 
[PHRASE 2] buttons while starting the RC-50

Btw: there's no visual way to check what the default mode is using the 
system menu. Also: the OS 1.02 manual says: "Check what’s displayed on the 
title screen, then release the buttons." Well, nothing is displayed on the 
title screen but the fix does work :) You can only hear it.

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