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Re: OT best new NAMM show product

Have any of you heard the amp yet?

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From: "Rick Walker" <looppool@cruzio.com>
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Sent: Sunday, February 17, 2008 12:24 AM
Subject: Re: OT best new NAMM show product

> About Metasonix's Fucking Fucker amplifier,
> Art Simon wrote:
> "Well this is from the company that makes the "butt probe,"
> I remember distinctly a two week period at the beginning of 7th grade 
> a bunch of
> us nerds and geeks who had hung out together (in small numbers against 
> scary social
> vicissitudes of male teenage junior high school reality) discovered that 
> we were 'old enough' and 'free' enough to talk
> about anything we wanted to without any adult supervision as our own 
> little lunch table was conveniently
> separated from the others in the quad of our school.
> For two week's straight, we sat around on the benches surrounding this 
> wizened oak tree and
> it was  'booger pick'  this and  'butt wipe' that...............we
> said "fuck" a lot to show how grownup and liberated we were and were, 
> generally, used as much  gross
> fart humor as little boys can be use at a certain age.    Do young women 
> go through a same phase?  I just don't know
> because women were really scary (and alluring) when I was 13 years.
> Then we grew out of it....................two weeks later and that was 
> that.
> Great to see a successful botique company is finally being run by very 
> bright, talented
> (and newly liberated) 13 year old, pimply faced boys!!!!!
> Rick Walker