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Re: OT best new NAMM show product

About Metasonix's Fucking Fucker amplifier,
Art Simon wrote:

"Well this is from the company that makes the "butt probe,"

I remember distinctly a two week period at the beginning of 7th grade that 
bunch of
us nerds and geeks who had hung out together (in small numbers against the 
scary social
vicissitudes of male teenage junior high school reality) discovered that 
were 'old enough' and 'free' enough to talk
about anything we wanted to without any adult supervision as our own 
lunch table was conveniently
separated from the others in the quad of our school.

For two week's straight, we sat around on the benches surrounding this 
wizened oak tree and
 it was  'booger pick'  this and  'butt wipe' that...............we
said "fuck" a lot to show how grownup and liberated we were and were, 
generally, used as much  gross
fart humor as little boys can be use at a certain age.    Do young women 
through a same phase?  I just don't know
because women were really scary (and alluring) when I was 13 years.

Then we grew out of it....................two weeks later and that was 

Great to see a successful botique company is finally being run by very 
bright, talented
(and newly liberated) 13 year old, pimply faced boys!!!!!


Rick Walker