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Live Looping -- Helping the Rhythm Section Hear the Loop

Hi guys,

I've been following the site for about a month and
most of what you guys talk about is Greek to me, so
bear that in mind with your answers. Also, I'm trying
to have a VERY simple system, so that I have the least
chance of screwing up. I'm mostly laying down no more
than two guitar loops at a time, while playing lead
over top. I'm accompanied by a bass player and a
drummer. I'm using a Digitech Jamman, currently, so I
don't have a lot of options. Here's the questions:

Q: What can I do so that everyone can keep hearing the
first loop, so that we stay on the beat (other than
making sure it is a real clean, simple guitar
pattern)? Is there a way to just send the first loop
pattern to a monitor for each player, or a click track
to the drummer? I heard some people use two amps, but
that's getting complicated (from my perspective).
Should I upgrade to a different looper that helps with
this (recommendations)? Thanks much.

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