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Re: Repeater RIP , time stretch Midi notes, pseudo time stretch on LP-1, etc

 I haven’t paid very close attention to this thread so if I’m redundant my apologies.

You can’t really overdub after time stretching on the Repeater, with the exception of content that is within very close range of the original tempo, otherwise you get a Tempos low alert on the display and it simply won’t record. There is not an all tracks command where by you can tell all the tracks to obey midi note commands. You do have to manually select which tracks you want to have controlled via midi note command from the front panel, or program note commands for individual tracks via a midi pedal or controller. I also had a dedicated preset to activate two CC pedals, one for time stretch and one for time and pitch stretch, and that same preset also reset the pitch and BPM back to the original tempo and pitch, when I pressed it again. As Per said I also used a Roland guitar synth and its onboard appreciator to trigger the repeater much faster than by simply playing a midi controller in real time. You can create some very startling effects with this technique.

 It’s been a while since I’ve used the Repeater opting for a more streamlined and improvisation friendly approach with the LP-1, and using the Looperlative almost exclusively, though I do want to do some recording with the Repeater more as a resampling tool at the end of my signal chain. I’m really sorry Electrix went under.  I got a whiff of it last fall when I talked to Adam Scolaro, he said nothing to indicate trouble but his voice told a different story, he said things were going great, but it seemed like a brave face to me. The Electrix update was a big disappointment to me. Even though it included some cool new features, it failed to really correct the ongoing issue with time stretch at the end of an initial track record (punch out time), that sometimes but not also ways would occur., being obviously more noticeable on rhythmic passages if you weren’t in tempo with the what the display BPM was reading (power up default being 120PBM).  Now   if I used midi tap tempo to tell the repeater what my tempo was before I started I could minimize this phenomena. Actually the new software seemed to minimize this but not totally correct it. Also it seemed that the new version software caused the RPTR to freeze up more. Luckily they instituted a midi accessible powered re-boot function, but even that required dedication of two midi presets side by side that you had to hit in the right sequence…. I don’t know if I’d recommend it now or not and I feel embarrassed at the time that I did recommend it as I really hadn’t completely put it through its paces when I gave it the thumbs up. My apologies, you may curse me now. One can get a pseudo time stretch on the Looperlative, by assigning an expression pedal to control track speed (sampling rate, there are currently two on the LP-1 like a DL4 has,). Its much more limited in range than the Repeater, basically the range of an octave and either half the speed or twice the speed depending on which sampling rate you record the initial loop at, You can definitely get the tape slow down speed up effect though not as radical as with the Repeater. You can also move the CC pedal between track speeds as you record with the LP-1 which produces some truly bizarre pitch bending artifacts. I haven’t found away to integrate that sound in to my music yet but some of you more avant garde people might find it useful.