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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology, I wonder

In answer to Mark's question about how I control pitch on the Repeater,
I have used a variety of approaches successfully,
from  a Yamaha WX5 midi wind controller (one of my favorites) to
a simple midi keyboard to an M-Audio Trigger Finger to
my trusty old Roland Pad 80 drum trigger.

I have noticed that people just love to see me play this with the wind 
Next most theatrical is using stick on a Roland Pad 80,  but the wind synth
is somehow more 'mysterious',  I suppose.

trigger the samples with a keyboard and everyone yawns.............lol

I think it would be cool to use a drum machine as a controller, too, like
the Alesis SR16 or one of those earlier digital modelled Roland machines
that had 16 buttons in a row  (the one that Andre LaFosse used to use
to trigger his EDP with).

And , in response to Per's comments about using different pitches making 
low samples
take a longer time (resulting in a polyrhythmic juxtaposition when using 
multiple pitches).

This is more efficacious if one uses a drone for a sample,   as it appears 
more like a poor
person's theremin.

In fact,  we may be having a function like that coming up in the 
Looperlative soon,  if I have my way.

I love the idea of using the entire loop itself as a pitched instrument.

Tonight, I'll be doing a looping solo show in Santa Cruz and using an old 
Radio Shack
Casio CS-1 sampler which allows you to play your loops polyphonically.

There are some beautiful polyrhthmic patterns wiht that and still, I can 
play the keyboard as a simple
organ styled melody instrument.

Tonight I"m going to sample an weird warbling vocal into the sampler and 
looping it.........so that if you play it quickly,
then you hear the initial pitch only and you play it like a normal 
but if you hold the notes down, the
warble in the sample will play at different speed and, of course,  cause 
paralell harmonies that can get quite
dissonant and fun.

I'm in love with this archaic little keyboard that runs on batteries.   I 
love that it has a looping function (albeit not
in realtime).