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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology, I wonder

> But Im sure I didnt programme CCs for it..

Yep, You're using MIDI notes. The trick is that you have to by hand
open the track selector and perform a quick "MIDI Learn" process from
the Repeaters front panel. Does only take a couple of seconds - but
for a true Shoe Gazer Looping Artist it might be cumbersome ;-))
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Nope Per, you are definately wrong, I DO NOT have to select track pitch on the front panel, if I have recorded on track 1, I bank up on my FCB to the bank where I have programmed this and stomp... it happens immediately. Whether I programmed CCs of Midi notes I cant be sure, and I cannot change WHICH track it happens to... its always Track 1... how I did i I cant remember. But will check withing seconds of getting home, throwing the child in the air and kissing the wife...