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Re: What will become of the Repeater pitch stretching techology, I wonder

Per expounded:

But you
can't program that into your FCB (or other MIDI controller). What you
have to do is to select one Repeater Track and then send MIDI notes
into it. Then the Repeater will hang on to this MIDI channel's MIDI
Notes for instant pitching of this Track's loops. So you can't work
pitch in more than one track this way. But it's really fast. I had an
arpeggiator juggle the pitch like super fast house techno over a one
octave span and never ran into the portamento trap. I heard Bill
Walker doing this with a guitar that has a built-in MIDI arpeggiator,
very cool.

HUH Per,  You know its a while since i programmed my FCB to do this, but i could have sworn that I had programmed midi notes... this isnt possible??? Hmm I will check when i get home, you are right that my FCB is "hardcoded" to pitch only one specific track ( i know this cos I often forget which track it is, make a loop on the wrong one - try and pitch it and nothing happens DOH!) But Im sure I didnt programme CCs for it.. But you are probably right.. But surely my analog sequencer (fat controller)is sending out midi notes right??? And that still slides...

But now you have me wondering, I must think of an excuse to leave the office early..
The Horse has escaped... um ... wife taken ill... child  electrocuted by musical equipment (my wifes big fear - quite right too, Iv been shocked many times!!! ha ha )

Wait a minute ... Im the Boss, I can leave when I fucking like!!