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Recommend me a 1 U mixer please

Hi everyone,

In an attempt to get rid of the towering racks, I am looking at racking all my looping gear into a silver case. To further this cause, can anyone recommend a 1 U mixer.

I have looked at the Rolls RM203X, 9 stereo ch.... the Soundmaster C3/C3X  8 Channel - and the 12 Input 1U mixer Behringer RX1602.

Well of course the Behringer has most channels, most features and is most like what I need, with one main problem... its Behringer. My current mixer is a Behringer, and it sucks. But then again they made the FCB 1010 no complaints there...

Any others, and have anyone got any of the above, can say nice of nasty things about them. Someone was mentioning a Peavey a while back too...