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AW: Wiring Troubles: 2 Loopers & A Mixing Board

>       Nothin'? Or did I just ask a stupid question?

There are questions which don't have an answer that makes sense, at least
not in a world without screwdrivers...
If your problem is the "unwanted feedback issue" (which I understand being
you send e.g. aux1 to the KP3 and the KP3 to mixer channel 9 and 10, then 
you turn up aux1 on ch9 you get feedback), then one solution (which 
a little more concentration during performance) is not turning up that aux,
the other one is to remove the pot or interrupt the leads on the PCB.

If your problem is furthermore that you want to send a stereo signal to the
KP3, I suggest using a mixer with subs.