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Re: Recommend me a 1 U mixer please


Look round for a used Roland M-120 or Rocktron G612.

I have owned both and can highly recommend either one (if it's in good 

Too bad I sold my M-120 on Ebay only a couple of months ago (and my 
Rocktron G612 some moths before that).

If you don't absolutely need 2 aux sends per channel and if 10 channels 
would do you just as well as 12 there is also the Roland/Boss MX-10 
which has the added benefit of being only half rack in width (something 
also seen on Ebay from time to time).

The MX-10 is more or less what I am using until I get a MOTU Ultralite 
(or something like it) an go lap-top.

Anywho, their are strengths an weaknesses of both rack mount mixers and 
their table top cousins.

If you plan to twiddle and tweeze levels a lot during a performance 
pick a table top model (it'll be easier to see the relative vertical 
positions of sliding faders (when it's critical) as opposed to little 
round knobs.

Stick it on top of your rack where you can see it and away you go.

If you more or less tend to set your levels once and then otherwise 
control volumes with instrument knobs and pedals then a rack-mount 
mixer with tiny knobs will not be a bad choice at all.

I tend to be one of the "set and forget types" so rack mixers have been 
ideal for me for the last dozen years or so.

I dial in all my levels once and tweak specific instruments or over-all 
volume by other means.



On Feb 8, 2008, at 1:37 PM, mark francombe wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> In an attempt to get rid of the towering racks, I am looking at 
> racking all my looping gear into a silver case. To further this cause, 
> can anyone recommend a 1 U mixer.
> I have looked at the Rolls RM203X, 9 stereo ch.... the Soundmaster 
> C3/C3X 8 Channel - and the 12 Input 1U mixer Behringer RX1602.
> Well of course the Behringer has most channels, most features and is 
> most like what I need, with one main problem... its Behringer. My 
> current mixer is a Behringer, and it sucks. But then again they made 
> the FCB 1010 no complaints there...
> Any others, and have anyone got any of the above, can say nice of 
> nasty things about them. Someone was mentioning a Peavey a while back 
> too...
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> www.looop.no