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OT:Re: EH micro POG micro review

The tracking on the MicroPog is excellent.
The sub-octave works really well, without latency, some sort of hybrid 
between a harmoniser and a regular octaver. Odd tone though, try before 
you buy.
The octave up also tracks perfectly, but with a slight delay and somewhat 
flat in pitch.
The much publicised "polyphonic" ability only works well on very simple 

The dry signal coming through the pedal, when switched on, sounded every 
bit as good as the hard bypass.

If you didn't ever check out the old Boss OC2, that has pretty good 
despite it's cheap sound it's a classic.

andy butler

K D Patten wrote:
> lurker surfacing here.....I've been cruising eBay looking for one my 
> self....seems my Electro-Hamonix octiver freaks out when i try to loop 
> base lines with my acoustic...weird harmonics....i though the Mirco POG 
> wouldn't freak like that ....any one have any input?....I'll keep my eye 
> open for you as well  Daniel..........Kyle