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RE: OT:Re: EH micro POG micro review

I would like to chuck in a recommendation for the boss OC-3
I have tried pretty much all the octave units that I have come across here in the UK I started with the little danelectro unitwhich actually had a really good tone, just coupled with monophonic "ok" tracking.
I then updated this with the boss delay/pitchshifter.. this is an awsome pedal that is still on my  board due to its self-oscilation capability i found the bass octave to quiet to be useful for my needs though. I then got the OC2 and used it a fair bit bu never really fell in love with it, for my needs creating faux bass on acoustic guitar is just didnt sound right, I also dipped into multi fx that promised octaves bu delivered very little in that department either glitching like buggery or adding massive delays to the octave note....then along came the oc3
for me the OC3 is the real deal the polyphonic mode is truly that and coupled with the range knob it can be set like i have, so the bass only effects the lower three guitar strings so i can get meaty bass notes on them but still be plucking away on the high strings without them getting muddy. another plus for me is it sustains the bass notes well , this has been a problem for me with other pedals
it also has mono modes with a deep deep 2 down sub octave , however for my needs i stick in poly inless i knock the knob (which then nealy blows the house speakers with aforementioned subbass.
                                                              bass overdrive ---to mixer
i also route mine so it goes...guitar---oc3---<
                                                               all other guitar fx----mixer
I find this set up lets me put some distortion on the guitar but keep the bass clean and clear  or I can have these wonderful fuzz bass notes while playing more inricate clear guitar stuff on the high strings ...it really is a flexible pedal, I have gone midi and use the basses from my gr-09 most the time, but its still on the board and gets used in some applications like when im firing off a synth string patch and just need to thincked the low end up further.
Phill MyOneManBand Wilson
> If you didn't ever check out the old Boss OC2, that has pretty good tracking;
> despite it's cheap sound it's a classic.

Sounds like? How many syllables? Guess and win prizes with Search Charades!