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Re: OT:Re: EH micro POG micro review

I want one!!! Can you take out the guitar signal to play a bass line?

On 7 Feb 2008, at 08:54, andy butler wrote:

> The tracking on the MicroPog is excellent.
> The sub-octave works really well, without latency, some sort of  
> hybrid between a harmoniser and a regular octaver. Odd tone though,  
> try before you buy.
> The octave up also tracks perfectly, but with a slight delay and  
> somewhat flat in pitch.
> The much publicised "polyphonic" ability only works well on very  
> simple chords.
> The dry signal coming through the pedal, when switched on, sounded  
> every bit as good as the hard bypass.
> If you didn't ever check out the old Boss OC2, that has pretty good  
> tracking;
> despite it's cheap sound it's a classic.
> andy butler
> K D Patten wrote:
>> lurker surfacing here.....I've been cruising eBay looking for one  
>> my self....seems my Electro-Hamonix octiver freaks out when i try  
>> to loop base lines with my acoustic...weird harmonics....i though  
>> the Mirco POG wouldn't freak like that ....any one have any  
>> input?....I'll keep my eye open for you as well  Daniel..........Kyle