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Re: Laptop live looping-vst&sync

Per Boysen wrote:

> me even music with no sounding beat has a tempo. So that's why I
> prefer Plogue Bidule instead of Max when I need to program with a
> "virtual sound design toolbox and patch-bay". Bidule has a good system
> for synchronizing tempo relating modules and it also supports VST Time
> Info.

I hear from the VST developers mailing list that.
1) Bidule was the only host that allowed vst plugs to freely sync with 
each other.( don't know if it's
   true, but I guess they meant Cubase/Ableton etc don't support it.
2) Steinberg are going to drop that functionality from the specs for vst 
with the next 
   big upgrade to the vst standard (vst3). It'll still be possible to 
create hosts and plugs that
   use that type of syncing, but it's unlikely to become widespread.

Matthias Grob has been in contact with Plogue, it seems that Bidule is not 
a significant source of income for them, they make a profit by selling 
their 'technology' to other companies. However, Bidule is important to 
them for publicity and as a demo.  They only have one developer working on 
Bidule ( mostly to support changes in the OS), but don't plan to abandon 
This explains why Bidule is still around, but not really changed much in a 
couple of years.

andy butler