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Re: MIDI wind controllers

Hmmmm, I must try one.
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From: Per Boysen
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: MIDI wind controllers

On Dec 19, 2007 11:01 PM, Ian Popperwell <popperwell@iname.com> wrote:
OK, but as a sax player, the Yamaha MIDI wind controllers are more like what
we're used to, so, in most ways more "natural" I'll have to find an EWI to
give it a go.

With the latest EWI 4000s software update we got a "sax fingering mode". I immediately changed my EWI to that and enjoyed the finger setting close to playing a sax. 

What are the sounds like on the EWI4000?'

Cheesy. I bought Matts latest sound bank (PatchMan) and it made it a little better sounding and a lot LOUDER sounding. Luckily I also upgraded my sound card to a RME FireFace400 that gives you a good chance to adjust input levels. But those sounds sometimes distorts the output stage in the EWI, which you can hear if you play with head phones (like Tillman use to do in public areas... ;-) However, I think Matts sound bank is worth the money anyway. If you play it through some extra EQ and reverb it sounds pretty nice. Especially for single line playing, if you plan to layer clusters you should go directly for a MIDI module, a synth or sampler. I tried to program the EWI's built-in synths and you can actually do a lot of fun stuff. I saw one guy on YouTube that had crated a sound in between a Digeridoo and a techno 303 bassline synth. He had a lot of self oscillating resonance and controlled it all by pitch bend, biting and breath (assigned to filter cut-off)
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