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MIDI wind controllers


Interested in the EWI thread. I play a Yamaha WX5 and also don't want to 
emulate "real" instruments - I play saxophones and flute and although the 
VL70M is good, it feels slightly distasteful using some of those sounds 
(although I like the trumpet!). I have used the Korg MS2000 which works 
great with the CC breath controller patched up to various parameters.

I like the idea of the EWI4000 as it is one unit, no need to carry round 
extra modules (if the sounds are any good). Also not sure about the ease 
the touch sensitive controls re glitching? The WX5 needs lots of practice 
keep the glitches away and I guess I wonder (having never played an EWI) 
much harder it is without actual mechanical keys?

Any comments?


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> On 18 dec 2007, at 20.54, HarryEsq@aol.com wrote:
>> Anyway, does anyone have any words of wisdom for me as I begin my 
>> exploration of this instrument?  I've checked out a couple of EWI- 
>> centric websites but know there are some fine EWI players on this  list 
>> who must have some pearls they can drop my way.
> Wow, congratulations! Nice to have yet another EWI-ist on this list!  
> EWI is amazing, given you trim it well. There are two sides to  trim; 
> side where it reads your physical movements while playing  and the other 
> side where it implies those gestures into different  parameters of the 
> sound. My advice is to work on the settings until  they are optimized at 
> both ends. There you have an awesome instrument!
> When using the built-in synth I prefer to play mine through effects  
> filter banks, distortion... generally the kind of stuff you warp  an 
> electric guitar tone with. I've understood, by reading on  dedicated EWI 
> lists, that many users want to play with a "jazz-like"  sound, as in 
> copying a trumpet or trombone sound. That's cool too,  but not of my 
> interest. .
> As a MIDI controller it is also good, but you really have to program  
> sounding device to answer to all parameters sent. I have had best  
> with the software synths that comes as part of Apple Logic.  Kontakt can 
> also be tweaked to answer expressively on your playing. I  also have an 
> old (physcical) Oberheim Matrix-1000 that gives quite  expressive EWI 
> tone, but it lacks portamento on/off, which is a drag.  I always use 
> with the Logic synths, controlled by CC#5 that is  activated by touching 
> the glide bar with your left thumb. I also  prefer to have the "sustain 
> pedal" function set up in a classic way,  as when using an ordinary 
> pedal (as opposed to the EWI default  way of sustaining all notes played 
> during a slur, or as legato). I  always fix the pitch bend range to 2 
> semitones and use a little cut- off for the vibrato (biting the 
> mouth-piece. also generating PB). And  I prefer a bit more sensitive 
> vibrato setting than in most default  sounds. The air sensitivity is 
> another factor you have to work on and  find the setting the works well 
> with your own playing style. I went  for a pressure that lets me do 
> circular breathing by "ballooning my  cheeks" (don't know if that is 
> cheating or if Eric Dolphy did it that  way, anyway it works for me). 
> Finally, do not play the EWI in the  shower and remember that its MIDI 
> freaks out if playing barefoot  (touch sensitive controls getting 
> or something).
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
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> www.looproom.com (international)
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