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RE: OT - acoustic pickups, etc

Is there an effect or an exciter out there good for
acoustics that will enhance the bass response of the
guitar almost like having an octave pedal?

--- max valentino <ekstasis1@hotmail.com> wrote:

> The Keeley is a fine compressor...but for acoustics
> I have found the Demeter Compulator to be
> outstanding.  Another compr to consider (and is much
> more affordable) is the Aphex Punch Factory.  Very
> transparent and even sounding...wonderful with
> acoustic gtrs...no pumping.
> Max > > Finally, I'm looking for a really really
> good portable (i.e., stompbox, > tabletop,
> half-rack) compressor that's well-suited to acoustic
> guitar, > that is, helps to even out the natural
> sounds and doesn't produce any of > the "breathing"
> effect - I'm not looking for extreme compression,
> just > something to musically accentuate the
> harmonics and even out the big > spike. The Keeley
> compressor is raved about frequently, but I'm
> curious > if anyone has had experience with it on
> acoustic guitar.> >> 
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