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Re: OT - acoustic pickups, etc

Michael [Hedges] used a FRAP for this which not sure it's made anymore.  THe other idea is use an internal mic mount, I started to do that with one I was given by GHS but it never worked out right though Taylor does this a lot in their guitars.  With a nylon a combo of a soundhole electro-magnetic and the piezo probably won't do it however the $35 Dean Markeley I had in CA on my mandolin which is an electrom... but it still picked up a lot of top. here's a link.  http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Dean-Markley-Artist-Transducer?sku=304005.  You might use it in combo to the saddle pickup...

On Dec 6, 2007 1:38 PM, Daryl Shawn <highhorse@mhorse.com> wrote:
Forgive this wholly off-topic query, though of course it does concern
equipment that will be eventually used in looping...

I like the onboard piezo pickup in my Takamine nylon-string, but I'm
starting to do more banging on the guitar body these days and the piezo
doesn't really transmit these sounds very well. An external mic does
fine with this of course, but I want something suitable for onstage use
and I hate having to hold more or less still in front of a mic. I've
gotten a recommendation (thanks Michael!) on the Baggs Element, but am
wondering if anyone's had experience with anything else, especially with
having two different pickup systems in one guitar. I'd like to keep my
current setup and add to it (maybe I can split the output at the endpin
with a TRS jack...?).

Also, I'm making more use of the harmonics that appear between the fret
and the headstock, which of course aren't heard by standard-mounted
pickups. I know Fred Frith had a guitar with a pickup mounted up on the
headstock, though his was huge (and appeared on an electric) and was
done quite some time ago, I'm hoping there are some kind of developments
here since.

Finally, I'm looking for a really really good portable ( i.e., stompbox,
tabletop, half-rack) compressor that's well-suited to acoustic guitar,
that is, helps to even out the natural sounds and doesn't produce any of
the "breathing" effect - I'm not looking for extreme compression, just
something to musically accentuate the harmonics and even out the big
spike. The Keeley compressor is raved about frequently, but I'm curious
if anyone has had experience with it on acoustic guitar.

Daryl Shawn

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