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Re: Scripting/Command Chaining in the Max/MSP Kaiser Looper

> When researching this post I listened back to an old recording of  
> mine from last year, where I used the script I wrote about in an  
> earlier mail in this thread. It gives a kind of "psychedelic symphony  
> orchestra" touch. Can be heard around 2:50 into the file targeted by  
> this playlist:
> http://www.jamendo.com/get/track/id/track/audio/play/32656

Nice work. There is a lot going on here, so can you help me identify the
looping effect at work? Or, if you can remember, what is happening
with the script?  I think at 2:50 I hear something new appear that is
in the higher octaves....which also leads me to something like
"ethereal dots" vs. bass dots. :)  I think I'll create a max script that
revolves through a sequence of intervals at about 10 octaves up.