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Re: Scripting/Command Chaining in the Max/MSP Kaiser Looper

Per, I can elaborate with a specific scenario of what I'm planning to do.

1. I record a 20 second loop (just free note and chordal improv)
2. I hit the play button to playback the recorded loop
3. At the same time, or anytime during playback, I hit a new button on my 
MIDI controller that triggers a gradual pitch (and speed) change to the 
recorded loop
4. The max objects that initiate the pitch change will have a fixed 
that determines the starting pitch, the ending pitch, and the time it 
to go from this start pitch to end pitch; for example, right now it is set 
to start at normal speed ("1" in the max object), and gradually change the 
pitch of the loop to -.02 in reverse (that is very, very slow and low...it 
sounds amazing).
5. However, I hook up my expression pedals to two inlets in the object 
(~line) that determines the start pitch, end pitch, and duration times, 
that with one pedal I control the ending pitch (or it could be beginning), 
and the other pedal controls the time it takes for the pitch change from 
beginnnig to end point to occur).

I could change the function so that the pitch starts from -0.2 (very low 
in reverse) moves gradually to 1 (normal speed), and then continues in 
forward at amost a standstill, to as high as I want (let's say 20 octaves 
above initial pitch?).  I could change the values with my expression 
and hit the button again, to re-trigger the continuous pitch change with 
new values.


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> On 12 nov 2007, at 01.30, Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> I just made this a lot better. Now, I can control the speed of the
>> continuous pitch change
> Do you mean that a pedal controls an exponent for the the speed of  
> rise/fall? That's what you said.
>> and the values of beginning or end points with my
>> expression pedals - any pitch in reverse or forward to any pitch in 
>> reverse
>> or forward.  Can you Mobius guys do this with your scripts?  :)
> In Moibus there is no micro pitch control capability, so everything  
> on a chromatic scale up and down. If you're fine with that I  guess 
> can do it. But it's hard to answer since the question  doesn't clearly 
> specify the scenario. My own programming work with  Mobius is more about 
> restricting the technical looping options to  open up for more musical 
> options in performance.
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)
> http://www.youtube.com/pellibox (gritty)