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Re: AW: New TC Konnekt announced

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:
> Why the range for the xover frequency is only 80Hz to 120Hz is completely
> beyond my understanding. I can very well see applications where I'd like 
> mains to go down to 50 or 60 Hz (well, not exactly my mains - I have only
> nearfields anyway).
>       Rainer

+1 :(  There's still lots of hearable stereo imaging left at 80 Hz.
While I don't have a subwoofer, if I were to, I most certainly wouldn't 
want it much above 50 Hz.
Maybe they did it to match more general consumer line gear.
Maybe 24 dB/octave digital filters down to 50 Hz are more DSP hungry..
But even if it so happens, a 50 Hz @12 dB slope can do well enough.

Otherwise, nice featureset. Hopefully it won't have the Mac driver 
problems Konnect24D reportedly had(have?), which was one of my reasons 
for deciding on a used RME Multiface. No regrets, no pun either..
I would've liked having the PowerCore as part of the package.

van Sinn