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Re: "Anglofixilization"  (was: Re: Stick looping videos)

In a message dated 9/29/07 11:37:52 AM, apparitionapparition@yahoo.com writes:

am one of those people who has never been afraid to
keep learning, even at my age.

at my age i keep trying not to forget!.....i just finished several classes for "ESL", english as a second language, this was through the PITTSBURGH LITERACY COUNCIL, now i am an official "tutor", PITTSBURGH CATHOLIC SERVICES brings many refugees to PITTSBURGH, why here i just don't know and when i get back from y2k7 i will be assigned one to several students, from BOSNIA, SAMOLIA, CHINA, INDIA etc......most of these folk have studied english, both reading and writing but they have a hard time grasping english as a spoken language thus the tutoring.....i am so looking forward to this, i bet i will learn way more than i could ever teach, not only about their cultures but about my own....."i will pick you up for dinner at 7" is kind of weird, no?.....i bet you're yummy!.....here's the on topic part.....i will teach using looping for vocabulary skills.....it may happen!.....:).....michael


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