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Re: Experience with E-MU 1616 cardbus and XP/PC Notebook with MAX/MSP

Jeff, now that you are here: can I control the Mobius with the EDP  
and its pedal via midi interface?  That will mean for me: use the EDP  
machine as it is in studio but get the better sound directly in the  
Mobius... I really hope it is possible!


On 29/giu/07, at 17:37, Jeff Larson wrote:

>> I'm trying to verify Mobius + ASIO4all on Windows XP on VMware fusion
>> on Macbook - what about this, may it work sometimes?  can I get  
>> signal
>> from an USB midi (UM1 Ediroll) or I need some different hardware?
> I have not used VMware Fusion but audio applications don't usually
> run very well under Windows emulators or virtualization layers.
> It adds overhead to the device drivers which can make it more  
> difficult
> to get low latency.  I would be interested in hearing whether or not
> this works.
> Jeff