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Re: Experience with E-MU 1616 cardbus and XP/PC Notebook with MAX/MSP

Long story short, I sent the unit back and am using a simple Edirol UA-25 USB interface (whose ASIO driver works perfectly fine with max with acceptable latency) for the interim, until I buy mac book pro on January and a RME Fireface 400.
Just purchased the smaller Macbook, added 2gig ram and 160 gig HD.   Bought a user MOTU 8 Pre.   Love it so far.  I am taking next week off and traveling to Charlotte, NC to record with my brother and really test this thing out..... The smaller screen is fine for my 47 yr old eyes.  So far I've recorded a few small pieces and have not had a single glitch, and Reaktor seems to run without issue as well!   Oh if only Mobius was available.....  I put the MOtU in a rack with an EDP so I can loop on the input signal.  I need to figure out how to run an effect loop on the 8Pre and eliminate the 1space Behringer mixer I am using for extra ports.  I have an Adat and the 8Pre had the optical but I'd rather keep it within the 8....   Hopefully I'll discover the true path this week!
Peace y'all