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Studio loop recording live stile

Hello Everybody, thank you for keeping up this great site of ours!

I'll try to make it as simple as possible, for what is possible.
We are now in 2007.
I work with loops and I need to record an acoustic instrument (lute)  
with highly sensitive mics (stereo) in a studio recording.
I have one Echoplex but is mono and cut down the sound (I love to use  
it live anyway!!!)
I want to have a very detailed stereo sound going into the computer  
and be able to loop, overdub, feedback and possibly multiply during  
the session (as if i was playing live with the Echoplex).
It ia possiible to do it with Ableton Live 6 or similar software  
controlled by a midi pedal?  Which software, which pedal?
Is it possible to send midi out from the Echoplex to the software,  
controlling everything with the Echoplex footpedal and feedback?
What is the best way?  Am I asking too much?

Thank you very much in advance for your possible suggestions,