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Midifriedchicken clucks:

> You get an A+

Thanks for the GPA boost - best news my Mom has had all week!

I just ate 3 eggs, sorry...

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From: "greg williams" <gregorwilliams@comcast.net> 

> Over twenty or so years, I have aquired an awe-inspiring collection of
> on CD, cassette tape and records, including many rare items and bootlegs 

> at last count I had around eighty titles scattered around the house. 
> For my loopers delight weekend assignment I chose to listen to a 
> released live set from the early seventies called "Imaginary Diseases", 
> released posthumously by his family cottage-industry with his son 
> producing - The Dweez is an amazing guitarist in his own right, check 
> some of the Zappa plays Zappa videos on youtube. Imaginary Diseases 
> serious amounts of gluteous, particulary the tracks "Been to Kansas City
> A Minor" - let that classically Zappaesque double-entendre seep in a
> - and "D.C. Boogie" with not one but two stupendous Zappa solos. The 

> track is also an otherwise unreleased instrumental little gem. 
> Uncle Frank was an American treasure; equal parts serious composer, 

> and political critic, and vaudevillian band leader. His productivity, 
> intellect and wit are still unrivalled in modern music history.
> to the core, he fought his whole life against censorship, conformity, 
> religion, timidity and stupidity - and had a whole heck of a lot of fun 
> doing it! What an inspirational human. 
> Thanks for the assignment.