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Re: Studio loop recording live stile

Interesting idea to use the EDP as MIDI footpedal ;)

It would actually work.

software that does what you want: http://zonemobius.com


On 27.06.2007, at 23:56, Luca Bonvini wrote:

> Hello Everybody, thank you for keeping up this great site of ours!
> I'll try to make it as simple as possible, for what is possible.
> We are now in 2007.
> I work with loops and I need to record an acoustic instrument  
> (lute) with highly sensitive mics (stereo) in a studio recording.
> I have one Echoplex but is mono and cut down the sound (I love to  
> use it live anyway!!!)
> I want to have a very detailed stereo sound going into the computer  
> and be able to loop, overdub, feedback and possibly multiply during  
> the session (as if i was playing live with the Echoplex).
> It ia possiible to do it with Ableton Live 6 or similar software  
> controlled by a midi pedal?  Which software, which pedal?
> Is it possible to send midi out from the Echoplex to the software,  
> controlling everything with the Echoplex footpedal and feedback?
> What is the best way?  Am I asking too much?
> Thank you very much in advance for your possible suggestions,
> Luca