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Re: Zappa

some of his synclavier work is finally performed next week in berlin.
the ensemble had a hard time to get the permission for this.
too bad i have a gig that night...
(text is in german)


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>>I watched Baby Snakes for my assignment and while I did enjoy it, I
also realized why I can't really get into Zappa.  Its not so much the
titties and beer stuff that gets me, its the amount of mockery that
fills so much of what he did.  Sure, mocking disco people or whatever
can be fun for a while, but too much just makes it feel like so much
useless bile.

I still think he was an amazing guitarist when he wanted to be though.<<

can't help but agree/concur. I so badly wanted to like zappa when I was
a teenager & it was "cool" to listen to these obscure LPs (I was in
teesside at the time) with the naughty lyrics, but it all seemed a
tad... well... adolescent. 

there's "clever" & then there's
but this is just what I think. 
I will not, however, be reasoned with on the subject, for it is
subjective. :-)

much later, I wanted to admire his guitar playing, but it seemd so
self-absorbed & didn't "say" anything to me (c.f. hendrix, rory, srv

so I don't know why I can't join the billions of folks out there who
don't even know he existed, let alone care. he's just.... frank.

one zappa product I did enjoy was his book- "in his own words" or summat
like that. I re-read a few pages for my homework.

it starts out as a fairly straightforward autobiography, but by the last
few chapters, he's out-&-out ranting like a moustachio'd bill hicks. the
whole thing about the orchestra getting drunk.... jeff berlin..... &
then he starts on politics.
he would've probably died of apoplexy upon seeing bush jr. "voted" into
power, if he'd survived long enough.

anyone know what happened to his massive synclavier remastering project?