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RE: Zappa

I aslo regard Zappa as a very creative musician but i
could never get into him,i almost get kill whenever i
say that,just like when i say i like the Stones better
than the Beatles;-)

--- "Goddard, Duncan" <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com>

> >>I watched Baby Snakes for my assignment and while
> I did enjoy it, I
> also realized why I can't really get into Zappa. 
> Its not so much the
> titties and beer stuff that gets me, its the amount
> of mockery that
> fills so much of what he did.  Sure, mocking disco
> people or whatever
> can be fun for a while, but too much just makes it
> feel like so much
> useless bile.
> I still think he was an amazing guitarist when he
> wanted to be though.<<
> can't help but agree/concur. I so badly wanted to
> like zappa when I was
> a teenager & it was "cool" to listen to these
> obscure LPs (I was in
> teesside at the time) with the naughty lyrics, but
> it all seemed a
> tad... well... adolescent. 
> there's "clever" & then there's
> it."
> but this is just what I think. 
> I will not, however, be reasoned with on the
> subject, for it is
> subjective. :-)
> much later, I wanted to admire his guitar playing,
> but it seemd so
> self-absorbed & didn't "say" anything to me (c.f.
> hendrix, rory, srv
> &c).
> so I don't know why I can't join the billions of
> folks out there who
> don't even know he existed, let alone care. he's
> just.... frank.
> one zappa product I did enjoy was his book- "in his
> own words" or summat
> like that. I re-read a few pages for my homework.
> it starts out as a fairly straightforward
> autobiography, but by the last
> few chapters, he's out-&-out ranting like a
> moustachio'd bill hicks. the
> whole thing about the orchestra getting drunk....
> jeff berlin..... &
> then he starts on politics.
> he would've probably died of apoplexy upon seeing
> bush jr. "voted" into
> power, if he'd survived long enough.
> anyone know what happened to his massive synclavier
> remastering project?
> d.


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