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Re: Zappa

I watched Baby Snakes for my assignment and while I did enjoy it, I also
realized why I can't really get into Zappa.  Its not so much the titties
and beer stuff that gets me, its the amount of mockery that fills so
much of what he did.  Sure, mocking disco people or whatever can be fun
for a while, but too much just makes it feel like so much useless bile.

I still think he was an amazing guitarist when he wanted to be though.


> I went and watched some Zappa videos, but ended up listening to the
> Peter Green-era Fleetwood Mac stuff instead...mmm...that's music...and
> ole' Zappa, bless him, just sounds like a wall of complexity and
> cynicism trying to hold back the world, by comparison. 
> -rabbi

Till now you seriously considered yourself to be the body and to have a
form. That is the primal ignorance which is the root cause of all trouble.

- Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950)

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