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Re: cooking music

samba - schrieb:
> Preparing and serving food is the only Art form that engages all the 
> senses.Of course the perfect music is part of total dining experience.

I am actually preparing a project to literally cook music. When I am 
cooking, I am improvising and I love it. Now my idea was to put up my 
Ondes Memorielles and just record all the sounds which happen while you 
prepare the food, they go into my delay lines, get looped and build a 
nice texture, the sound of cutting onions, the sound of the oil in the 
pan and so on. The audience will listen and after all eat what they 
Unfortunately you can't do that for a lot of people, unless you put up a 
big band of cooks, which could be fun as well... ;-)

(I replied to this thread because its not labelled OT... ;-)


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