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Re: randomness

On 24 jun 2007, at 17.24, Krispen Hartung wrote:

> I'm starting to sound like Kaiser,

- No objection! ;-))

> but you should move to Max, Per. You can do all this stuff.  It's  
> just the  manipulation of numbers.  Numbers in max change effect  
> parameters (midi 1-127 mapped to any number range), they turn on/ 
> off patches (1 and 0), they can turn on/off patch functions (like  
> rec, overdub, rev, etc) in a looper, and so on.  You could  
> basically design a max system with an autopilot button that  
> essentially randomly looped and manipulated your real-time audio.

Yes, that's tempting. Theoretically I have been using exactly the  
same real-time manipulation techniques now since 2002 when I was  
first able to implement my ideas in sound, thanks to the Echoplex- 
Repeater looping rig I had back then. My laptop rigs are pretty much  
the same today, speaking looping functionality. But the processes I  
had to use a hardware sequencer for (Alesis MMT8) with my EDP- 
Repeater rig I can now do in-the-box with Live/Augustus Looper on Mac  
or Mobius on PC. I like Mobius very much as a looper and have been  
fortunate to see many of my wishes implemented but it's kind of sad  
that you have to keep a Windows machine to be able to run it (when  
every other cool music software in my world runs on OS X). Also, I  
only use about ten percent of the functionality of Mobius and it  
seems as the application have reached a level where some of my  
favorite functions are always broken in the versions that work well  
with other of my favorite functions. So I'm very tempted to try make  
my own looper (eventually with Max), only implementing what I need  
and then keep it that way without any changes. It's just that I don't  
have the time needed (or the money to buy Max). And I would also like  
to wait and see what Numerology 2.0 gives. It's a modular step  
sequencing system that I could use in the same, but more powerful,  
way that I'm using Ableteon Live; i.e. creating MIDI sequences of  
events to trigger looper actions. Numerology already has the "event  
infrastructure" I need, while Max is more like a huge pile of raw  
building material beside a box of tools. However, I think I can make  
much better music with what I already have at hand, so I'll wait a  
while even though I definitely still have Max on my list.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
www.boysen.se (Swedish)
www.looproom.com (international)