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Re: randomness

I'm starting to sound like Kaiser, but you should move to Max, Per. You 
do all this stuff.  It's just the  manipulation of numbers.  Numbers in 
change effect parameters (midi 1-127 mapped to any number range), they 
on/off patches (1 and 0), they can turn on/off patch functions (like rec, 
overdub, rev, etc) in a looper, and so on.  You could basically design a 
system with an autopilot button that essentially randomly looped and 
manipulated your real-time audio. Or you could have max generate the audio 
for you (no pre-recorded files) with its synthesize objects. I have a few 
max patches that generate music from your keyboard, or randomly. The only 
thing practically limiting is one's imagination.

Heck, someone (not me, but a real max guru) could write a patch that 
you to play non-diatonicially, by analying the frequencies of your input 
shutting you down if they followed a particular diatonic pattern - scales, 
etc. That would be hilarious...a max mentor patch to train someone how not 
to play inside. You get rated and scored based on what you play.


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> On 24 jun 2007, at 06.31, Stefan Smulovitz wrote:
>> Taming randomness and making it musical is one of my favorite 
>> undertakings. For me it is a way to vary the static loop based  
>> into something a bit more exciting - in particular when  using 
>> prerecorded sound files.
> That's a big interest of mine as well, except for the bit about  working 
> with prerecorded sound files. I have always wanted to  implement 
> randomness into real-time generated audio rather than  prerecorded 
> This started with hardware in -81 something but so  far it has not led 
> into programming my own software. Related to  this I'm also interested 
> techniques that allow the musician to  instantly compose and perform 
> layer orchestrated music (or  maybe "lateral improvisation" would be a 
> better phrasing?).
> Greetings from Sweden
> Per Boysen
> www.boysen.se (Swedish)
> www.looproom.com (international)